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From Single Transactions to Enduring Relationships

Appless, single tap authentication
‍Skyrocket your customer registrations by 10x
Ignite post-purchase engagement
Commandeer your resale market

Appless, single tap authentication
‍Skyrocket your customer registrations by 10x
Ignite post-purchase engagement
Commandeer your resale market
We've merged cryptographic NFC tags..
Embedding Value through NFC-enabled, encrypted NFC Tags
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Consumer Electronics


Fashion and apparel





..with digital certificates of authenticity and ownership...


Smart Tags

Our NFC tagging solutions cryptographically link your physical products to immutable digital records of authenticity and ownership.


Tamper Tags

All the benefits of Smart Tags with the added value of a tamper status.


Registration Cards

Our registration solution for traditional brick and mortar retail sales in fiat or digital currencies


Packaging Customization

Additional incorporation of brand identity and marketing into SmartSeal™ solutions.

SmartSeal nft Notature


SmartSeal™ is the paper,
Notature™ is the pen.
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... to unlock consumer confidence in your brand and give you a direct marketing channel to your customers through digital proofs of authenticity, ownership, and possession

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In this new world,
counterfeits Are disabled
& ownership Is enabled.

SmartSeal™ Services Are:

SmartSeal™ Smart Tags tags are cryptographically coupled with digital records of authenticity and ownership. They cannot be copied or spoofed.
SmartSeal™ high-speed programmers allow you to securely program large batches of SmartSeal™ Smart Tags in remote locations at your own pace.
Our solution is simple to integrate into your existing website. By pasting in our drop-in code, we'll have you up and running in seconds.
SmartSeal™ partners with marketplaces, manufacturers, and other third party solution providers to expand phygital opportunities.
SmartSeal™ uses blockchain technology to certify the origination and ownership of physical products. Our NFC tags connect to digital records to unlock new experiences and new marketing channels.
Phygital products are linked to a digital twin through linked NFTs. NFTs are redeemed by the consumer at the time of registration.
What is an NFC?
NFC is the key to a more secure future through the blockchain.
Our SmartSeals are NFC-enabled tags that emit a short-range radio wave that is easily scanned by modern mobile cellular devices, unlocking the ability to track the provenance of purchased consumer items, artist creations, and some of history’s most valuable artifacts.
These tags are programmed to be “smart”, allowing them to easily deliver specific information to the scanning (a similar action to Apple Pay and Google Pay) device, serving as an efficiently interactive way to ensure the authenticity, ownership, and security of purchased or traded physical items.
Smart Seal Technologies envisions a future where provenance of products is effortless. Ownership and validation of consumer products means that items can better retain their value, paving the way for a secondary market where theft and counterfeit is no longer profitable.
By pairing NFC-enabled SmartSeals with the blockchain’s NFT technology, we can pave the way for a life of verifiable security and irrevocable ownership.
What is an NFT?
NFTs are the gateway to decentralizing ownerships.
NFTs are a form of cryptocurrency that are individually unique, meaning they are not interchangeable like Bitcoin or Ether. These bits of data stored on the blockchain are a digital certificate of authenticity—through the creation of a Digital Twin.
Certificates of authenticity are some of the only ways to prove an object is valuable, which is the prime use case for NFTs on the blockchain. A non-fungible token is a digital asset that is unique, meaning it cannot be interchanged with another digital asset; thus proving authenticity.
While NFT technology has many speculative uses in the digital art marketplace, Smart Seal Technologies has a far greater purpose in mind for these digital assets. By cryptographically-coupling a physical item with its Digital Twin (an NFT), creators and end-users will have unparalleled security in knowing that their physical items cannot be counterfeit by malicious parties and ownership cannot be revoked through theft.
By coupling NFTs with NFC tags, Smart Seal Technologies is pioneering a world where the items that consumers purchase maintain value on the secondary market, by decentralizing proof of ownership.