Secure Identification For Physical Products

Tap phone on product to authenticate

Interactive Brand Experiences

  • Leverage our technology to design brand experiences that are unique to your products, and personalized for consumers depending on distinct buyer attributes and product features.
  • Create a continuous brand story that encourages consumers to learn more about the production process, how to use a product, new and upcoming features, or hear curated stories.

Counterfeit & Forgery Protection

Our multi-purpose tags, fitted with bank-grade encryption, allow end-to-end authentication for products, providing protection for brands and instilling confidence in brand promise for loyal, brand-conscious consumers.

Digital Registration & Chain of Custody

  • Product registration builds brand loyalty and is the basis of a strong customer relationship. It is key to providing enhanced post-sales service and support.
  • Leverage this feature to share enhancements and new releases, validate warranties and service agreements, cross-sell, and get feedback on the purchase process.

How It Works

  • Tags are pre-programmed for manufacturing according to client specifications.
  • Multi-purpose RFID (Near Field Communication + Ultra High Frequency) tags embedded into products.
  • Consumers purchase authenticated products.
  • Consumers Register Products.
  • Consumers enjoy unique brand experiences, loyalty, and interactive signage infrastructure.

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